River District Physio is pleased to offer Telehealth (Virtual) services for Physiotherapy and Kinesiology to serve your health needs from home.

What is Telehealth?

  • Telehealth sessions are done virtually through computer, tablet or smartphone to connect with your therapist in real-time. Each session is done securely and privately, through a one-to-one connection.
  • Telehealth offers a great way to stay connected with your therapist and ensure continuity with your care.
  • Telehealth sessions are great for injury management consultations, post-operative follow-ups, virtual personal training & active rehab.
  • ICBC clients can continue to access Telehealth services with an existing claim. Telehealth is covered through most extended health benefit plans as well.
  • We are currently able to provide Telehealth virtual-based sessions to clients anywhere in BC.